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Remanufactured Parts

Why Purchase Remanufactured Parts?

Cost Less
Remanufactured parts cost less that new parts, often as much as 25 - 45% less.

Same Specifications as New
When parts are remanufactured, they are completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, re-engineered and rebuilt with new components to meet OEM specifications. All parts are tested to assure that specifications are met.

Same Warranties as New
In most cases, remanufactured parts come with the same warranty as new parts.

Faster Installation
Remanufactured parts are ready to install, so our turnaround time for installation is fast.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Remanufacturing generally uses about 20% of the amount of energy required for new manufacturing.
  • About one pound of new material is used for every 5 to 9 pounds of reused material.

Available Remanufactured Parts

Engines and Assemblies

Complete engines
Basic engines
Short blocks
Connecting rods
Cylinder heads
Oil coolers
Oil pumps
Water pumps


Injection nozzles
Injection pumps




Power Train

Torque converters
Power shuttles

And more

A/C compressors
Electronic controllers

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